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What's The Plan

What’s The Plan saves you time and money for your group travel needs.  Hotels usually require 10 guest rooms or more to be considered a group.

What’s The Plan has tremendous buying power that translates into savings for you.  Hotels recognize and value our business and work with us to ensure that your group receives special consideration and very competitive rates.

There is absolutely no cost to you!  What’s The Plan is paid a placement fee from the hotel.

All you do is provide the basic information for your trip including desired location(s), preferred dates, number of sleeping rooms, and any other details that are pertinent to the search.  We will add special concession requests and tailor your RFP to get the most favorable response.​

We will search our database of hotels and compare these results to other resources.  Request for proposals will be sent out to the hotels.  Any specific hotel requested by you will be included, as well as those that we find that fit your requirements.

You will select one or two hotels that you are interested in pursuing, and we will request any additional information you might need. 

You select the hotel of your choice, and we request that the hotel draw up an agreement so you can lock in that great rate for your group.  We will review the agreement from the hotel, ensuring that pertinent clauses and concessions are included.

Once the agreement is in place, your group is good to go!  If you have any questions, I'm still here to help or the rep at the hotel will assist with any further needs.

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